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The chapter runs support Groups throughout Michigan and, supports other groups as well. Support groups meet frequently; Please use the contact number for more information on the support groups, or if you would like to start a support group in your area.


Chapter Services

Educational Services - Support group programming: educational programs and speakers, workshops, clinics, training and access to educational materials. School Related Services: Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) development, training, and assistance, teacher in-services, and classroom orientations.

Educational Seminars - seminars with medical and educational professionals, both pre-scheduled and as needed.

Public Awareness - The chapter works to increase positive public awareness of TS through public campaigns, press releases about individual events, and developing and distributing materials to schools, doctors, and other individuals. In addition the chapter supports the TS Awareness Month, which runs from May I5th to June l5th each year.

Adult and Youth Activities - Adults, teens and children have many opportunities to meet and interact with each other. For example, the chapter runs the following events, which are open to all TS families. They include: Spring: Bowl-a-Thon, summer: Family picnic and a day at a Water Park, fall: Halloween party, Winter: Holiday party.

Buddy System - When requested, pairs children, adults, or parents in a similar situation, location, and age group for support and friendship.

Physician Referral List - We are working towards identifying more physicians throughout Michigan who treat Tourette Syndrome. Please contact us for more information, a referral, or to add a physician to our list.

“In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.”Flora Edwards

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